Stop blocking yourself

When I started my career in the tech sector I was this kind of guy who told you: “Naaaaaaaaaaaaaawh, I can do it (better|faster) on the command line.” – “No, on Linux this works better.” – “I don’t need an IDE.” This brought me some great experience for using the command line, for scripting, programming, […]


Docker – Not only for Hipsters

Not only a hype Although you are sure to get new followers on social networks when using the docker hashtag (yes, we tried) it’s not only a hype. At least containers, not especially docker only. Beer with @ITgoesNuts @PanadeEdu #docker #devops #hash tag #trending — Daniel Hauck (@daniel_hauck) 18. September 2015 But docker is […]

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Install and Use ubuntu-make: umake

Easy Setup for Development Environments I am really you already know this situation:  You just finished the setup of your new Notebook or Desktop and now want to install your favorite IDE or development environment. But then you google “latest eclipse ubuntu 16.04” and see you have to download, unzip, build bla bla bla…. I […]

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GO #02 – Variables and data types

Define them In Go you define variables with the var statement like here:

The last argument here is the type of the variable. If you directly initiliaze you variable like this

the type can be ommited, since go just takes the the type of the initializer, which here is a string. If you […]