My Toolchain – how it evolved

Efficiency counts I am a big fan of productivity and efficiency. Every time I look at something, I think about, how I can optimise this. So I do with my toolchain. Less is more As with anything, my keychain results from a story, or a thing of growing up. When I started, I had lot […]

Non technical posts

1. I am sorry If you read my blog regularly, I am pretty sure, you have discovered, in the last weeks, months, whatever, there isn’t much content about Linux, Development and so on. I am really sorry for this, am I? Yes, I am. I have so many topics, that are scripted, but not fully […]

Why I am not using Vim anymore …

… for writing. HAHA! Click bait. Now I got your attention or at least you are still on my site. Continue reading, I don’t want to steal much of your time. Haven’t you had a few articles about vim for writing? Yes, I have. And I’ll leave them here for ‘historical’ purpose. I’ve written a […]

Stop blocking yourself

When I started my career in the tech sector I was this kind of guy who told you: “Naaaaaaaaaaaaaawh, I can do it (better|faster) on the command line.” – “No, on Linux this works better.” – “I don’t need an IDE.” This brought me some great experience for using the command line, for scripting, programming, […]

Docker – Not only for Hipsters

Not only a hype Although you are sure to get new followers on social networks when using the docker hashtag (yes, we tried) it’s not only a hype. At least containers, not especially docker only. Beer with @ITgoesNuts @PanadeEdu #docker #devops #hash tag #trending — Daniel Hauck (@daniel_hauck) 18. September 2015 But docker is […]